Dress Sporrans

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The sporran is Gaelic for purse and has become a traditional part of Highland Dress that is functional as well as being decorative. This functionality has survived from the European medieval pouch that was worn on a belt.

Selection of formal dress Sporrans designed to be worn with full Highland dress outfits.
Available in a variety of designs and cantles

Furs used range from pony skin , black and white rabbit to Musquash and Wild rabbit and Fox.

Handcrafted  using traditional techniques

All dress Sporrans are suade lined with credit card slot, change or note slot and a detachable keyring snap on.

Sporran Chain included. Please select size required .

Sizes are approximate estimate and are given in inches.

e.g S(28-32) 28 inches to 32 inches

Hand made using the best leather and skins by the finest craftsmen

Made in Scotland