Celtic Pewter Hip Flasks

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Exquisite collection of fine pewter hip flasks featuring intricate Celtic Artwork designs.

These flasks really stand the test of time.

These flasks come in two convenient sizes

3 Fluid Ounces & 6 Fluid Ounces


  • The 3 ounce is 15cm by 4.5 cm  

has a striking and attractive shape that is enhanced by the inclusion of a traditional Celtic style design that covers the front of the flask to make it extra special. Composed of high quality lead free pewter this great hip flask will not tarnish over time, and 

6 Fluid Ounces


  • The 6 ounce flask is13cm by 9cm,

Pewter is the fourth most precious metal in common usage, behind only platinum, gold This beautiful pewter hip flask sports an intricate and elegant Celtic knot design across the front has a stylish yet understated top.

Each flask is presented in a quality gift box complete with velvet bag making an ideal gift for your loved one, a wedding party or special occasion.


Hand Crafted in Britain