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Highland Wear & Formal Wear

Measuring Guide

If you already have a suit which fits you well, then you can use these sizes as a basis for your measurements. If you have recently hired a kilt and you remember the sizes for your outfit, you can use these if you are confident this is the best fir for you.


The measurements required are waist and inside leg

The waist measurement should be firm and taken from about 1" above the hip bone.

You can work out your inside leg measurement starting with an outside leg measurement.

Measure the outside leg from about 1" above the hip bone down to the top of the heel, where the heel meets the sole of your shoe. As a general rule you should then subtract 11" to arrive at the measurement of the inside leg. For a child, this should be 7.5 ".


The measurements required for your Jacket are chest size, fitting and sleeve length.

i.e ; XS,S,M,L,XL

To measure your chest, take a measuring tape and place it around the widest part of your chest and take a loose measurement.

Sleeve length takes a little more judgement, but you can generally follow these rules for height, in the table below:

Height  Fitting
Below 5'6" Extra Short (XS)
5'6"-5'9" Short (S)
5'9"-6.0" Regular (R)
6'-6.3" Long (L)
Above 6'3 Extra Long (XL)